Strategic IT Planning

Regardless of the size of your organization your IT department needs to have a plan, and that plan needs to support the business plan. The challenge is that IT plans are sometimes written by technical managers and are therefore more tool-focused than they are business-focused. Other plans may be written by business managers with limited IT knowledge and are therefore not practical from an IT perspective. The Osuna Group can work with your organization to create a strategic IT plan which supports your mission, vision, and business goals and also “makes sense" to both business and IT managers.

Business Decisions

Business managers are good at making business decisions, and IT managers are good at making technical decisions. But what about when your organization needs to make an IT decision that will have a major impact on your care delivery model, work practices, or cash flow? The Osuna Group can work with your organization to make sure these difficult decisions are made properly. Areas where The Osuna Group can help include:
  • Evaluation of Outsource/Insource Opportunities

  • Evaluation of Shared Services (Partnership) Opportunities

  • System Selection (including Business Value Analysis)

  • Post-Implementation Analysis

  • Vendor Selection and Management
The Osuna Group will work with your organization to ensure that the right decision is made for the right reasons. We will assure success by conducting an objective review of your business goals, your IT strengths and weaknesses, and the options available to you during the first stages of the decision making process.