Project Management

Determining which IT initiatives bring the most value to your organization is essential. However, unless your projects are managed properly you will not realize the value your organization is counting on. The Osuna Group can work with you to make sure that your IT initiatives are implemented properly, and that you realize the benefits you planned on. As part of our process we will address a number of critical questions, including:

Is the right governance structure in place?

Any IT initiative which affects work processes must be sponsored by managers of the affected departments. Even pure infrastructure initiatives need to have managers from user departments on the steering committee. The Osuna Group will work with you to make sure your project charter and governance structure includes the right mix of business and IT leaders.

Are your plans accurate?

Proposed initiatives usually include a high level project plan based on certain assumptions because it is usually not practical to create a fully scoped and resource-loaded project plan during the proposal phase or the approval process. All too often these assumptions are not validated once the initiative has been approved. Maintaining expectations built upon assumptions is a formula for disappointment. The Osuna Group will work with you to make sure that your budgets and timelines are accurately scoped, and that the project sponsors understand and approve a plan based on facts.

Will you realize the value you projected?

Good management is only one element required for a project to be successful. An IT initiative must also be managed as a business initiative in order to avoid a technical "success" that has no positive business value. The Osuna Group will work with your organization in order to ensure that you realize the benefits you projected during the value analysis phase. Anything less leaves your value-analysis work as nothing more than a fruitless academic exercise.