Management Services

Transitions are times of high risk, and healthcare IT organizations today must manage transitions on a regular basis.

Whether you need to conduct an extended search for a key management position, have a vacancy you only want to fill short-term, or want to perform "clean-up" activities before hiring a new manager, The Osuna Group can provide an experienced manager with a track record of success to fill your needs.

Regardless of the reasons for your transition, you need to manage the risk while you are bringing about change. The Osuna Group can help you manage these risks, and assure that:
  • your operations, including cash flow, are not impacted

  • your staff and budgets are well managed

  • your vendor agreements are properly negotiated and managed during the transition phase

  • your IT department remains aligned with your business plan

Typical situations in which The Osuna Group provides management services include:

Extended Search Periods

The search for the ideal leader can often be a protracted one. Or sometimes the ideal candidate is already known and is willing to come on board, but cannot do so for several months. An experienced interim manager can help bridge the gap in these cases and others like them. In addition to keeping day-to-day operations running, a good interim manager will conduct an organizational analysis and alert administration to any area of concern. The organizational analysis report can then form the basis for your new manager's action plan, helping him or her become productive quickly. The Osuna Group can work with you to make sure that an extended transition time is a productive time for your organization.


There is enormous potential in the merger of any two previously independent organizations. However, the potential risks are at least as great as the potential benefits. The key to realizing the benefits as opposed to the risks is in having leaders who have experience managing mergers, especially if the merging entities were once competitors or if there are vastly different cultures at play.

Failure to properly manage a merger at the IT department level can result in high tension and low morale. Your best talent may leave for a more stable environment at a time when you need them the most. This can lead to significant disruption to your operations, communications infrastructure, cash flow, etc. The Osuna Group can provide sound management and good leadership during such mergers and work with you to ensure that your organization realizes the benefits of your merger while successfully managing the risks.

Clean Up/Improvement

Unfortunately, not all managers are excellent managers, and sometimes an organization decides a change in leadership is necessary. In some of these cases the departing manager leaves behind a department which is not successful at managing budgets, staff productivity, or projects. Often times an organization in this situation will decide to bring in an outsider to help correct serious problems before hiring a full-time manager. The Osuna Group can conduct an independent in-depth analysis of your current situation and provide a remedial plan of action. The plan can then be turned over to an incoming manager for execution, or if you desire, executed by the consulting manager.